Sunday, 12 January 2014

Winter Meeting

On Sunday January 5th, 10 members of the Peru 2014 Contingent and a couple parents met (some for the first time) at the ambulance station in downtown London. Other members took part via Google Hangout to watch as the first major details of our project were announced. The afternoon began with the most important part - finally finding out what we were going to be doing in Peru. So without any further ado: the project. 

Part of the project will involve refurbishing a school in the village of Santa Rosa de Llanavilla, not too far away from the capital, Lima. A secondary goal for this project is to work with the school outreach program to assist in their small veterinary clinic. 

Together with Scouts from the nearby Universidad Cientifica del Sur (Scientific University of the South), this contingent will be working to improve life in Santa Rosa by giving children a better and improved learning environment.

Besides the manual labour required to refurbish the school, we as a contingent are also looking for eye glasses, unexpired medical supplies of any kind, small toys and school supplies. To arrange for drop off or for our mailing address, please email

During the meeting we also discussed the potential medical risks associated with this project. Many are not unusual and are common risks associated with any kind of travelling - traveller's diarrhea, stomach flus or intestinal bugs, to name just a few. One risk our Medical Advisers made sure we understood was altitude sickness, which anyone, no matter how fit, can experience. If you have any questions or concerns over the medical risks, do not hesitate to talk to our Medical Advisers (their contact information is in the first newsletter).

With service comes a well deserved learning opportunity. Possible out-trips that have been suggested include sand boarding in a desert oasis or an excursion to an island renowned for its wildlife diversity, called Islas Ballestas. However, these out-trips have yet to be formalized. 

One major out-trip already planned is hiking the Inca Trail through the Andes Mountains to the world-famous Incan ruins of Macchu Picchu.

Many minor details are still under development, but at least now you have a much better idea of what you have gotten yourself into! Just remember to keep fundraising, and keep your mind open! 

Written by Ryan Pepper

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