Monday, 23 June 2014

The Road to Peru - The Fundraising Process

Saturday, June 21st was a happening day in Belmont, as families came out from all over town to the Belmont Fun Day at Union Street Park. As the kids enjoyed a dunk tank and awesome inflatables and bouncy castles, the town was also introduced to two members of the Peru 2014 Brotherhood Project team - Geof Gubbels and myself, Ryan Pepper. From 10am to 2pm we sold quite a few Survival bracelets. While being very fashionable bracelets, they can also save your life, as they easily unwind into a long piece of rope. The idea of selling survival bracelets was pioneered by Geof, who has already been selling them for months with great success. The bracelets were a hit, and a lot of interested people stopped by and were eager to support our project. With just over two weeks left until the Contingent heads out to Peru, this will be one of the last big fundraising pushes. Previous fundraisers have included a Masquerade Bowling event hosted by Kristin Ransome and Allana Cunningham Rogers, and I myself also sold popcorn at my school's Mega-Music Night.
Written by Ryan Pepper

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