Saturday, 5 July 2014

First Day of Precamp

After months of preparation and planning, fundraising and building excitement the time has finally come for the 2014 Peru Brotherhood Project to begin. The day started early for the members of the Contingent who arrived at the Bryson Centre scout camp in London, Ontario, although some sure took their time getting here (flights from Winnipeg are notoriously unreliable). This was no usual scout camp though – so the level of sitting around, sleeping, and eating breakfast food all day was quite low. In fact, it was a very busy day, as we had been commissioned to build a wood shed from scratch. Led by the construction advisors, the group went to work from the morning to suppertime, but ended the day with a shed that is both remarkable and architecturally sound.
After a great dinner, we embraced the fine activities of sportsball and teeter-totter Ninja. As the day slowly draws to a close, the Contingent is gathering for more serious talks about the project. It was a great day where old friends got to come together again and a shed was born.

Written by Alanna and Ryan

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