Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Dancing Demons

In the morning we woke up just in time to see a man in spandex hot pants teaching a salsa class. Avoiding him we packed our bags and brought them downstairs. Once the bags were stacked, the advisors brought us market fresh pork breakfast sandwiches with deep fried yams and onions.
After we finished our sandwiches we left the scout office and drove for twenty minutes to the Universidad Cientifica del Sur where we set up home base at the school farm. We were dangerously close to sleeping in a field of horses and horse droppings, but luckily through sign language we were able to upgrade to sleeping in a building. After lodgings were secured we headed back over to the main campus for a ceremony were we were greeted by dancing demons. The dancing demons led us to an official ceremony with the university president and the international scout commissioner. Once the multiple speeches were over we then went to the school where we would be working. We were met by the school principle and shown around. We were also informed on what we were doing and where it would be done. The state of the school was very stark, the playground seemed run down and everything was broken. It made us realize that as Canadians we are extremely lucky, but unfortunately not everyone has the same quality of living as we do. We then went down the street to a little Peruvian restaurant. We had the choice of eating chicken or beef. After we ate we spent some time petting a few dogs. We then went back to the farm, got ready for bed and realized it was only 7:30pm but as dark as midnight. After escaping the long dark nights of Canadian winter we realized we flew right back into it.

Written by Matt and Jess

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