Monday, 7 July 2014

Up, Up and Away!

As written by Geof, a first time perspective on flying:

So far I have really enjoyed my experience on this Brotherhood Project. In the morning after getting all of our gear packed up we carried it up to Spencer Lodge in London. Then while we waited Kiki and Daniel made amazing egg muffins for a quick breakfast.

When the bus showed up we put all the contingent and personal gear in the back of the bus and started our two hour long road trip to Toronto, which included a few people watching movies or some playing the most intense game of Risk ever played by humankind. Upon arrival at the Toronto International Airport, I led everyone to Gate E where we settled in for a two hour wait. But shortly before we were supposed to leave we found out it was delayed for an hour and then we were delayed again but finally at about 7:20pm we left. While on the plane I quickly learned that I had the middle seat in the middle row of the plane; luckily, Andrea moved and I was able to have her seat next to the window. During the flight after we started “cruising” a few people constantly had questions for me; Pepper had me start this blog post, Scotty wanted me to help him make a survival bracelet, and then the Muppet movie was on which just added to all the unforeseen experiences of my first flight. Altogether though it was a great flight and I hope it is the beginning of many more to come!

Written by Geof Gubbels

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your flight! You know you have truly experienced air travel when you have a flight delay ;o)