Tuesday, 15 July 2014

On the Project Site

On our second day of working without the help and excitement of the Peruvian Scouts, we moved rocks and cleaned up the area in front of the project site. People in the community kept on stopping by and thanking us for our work. They all seemed so excited that we were cleaning up the area. With some of the rocks we moved we made rings around a few fresh-planted saplings as well as using some rocks to repair the walls for the pathways leading to the highway. We also moved a ton (no joke) of sand from the cistern pit being dug by local workers and covered the area from the school to the highway in fresh clean sand. We had a quiche for lunch full of what I think was spinach and other things that I could not determine. Overall it was a good day even if we only cleaned up a bit and moved a lot of sand.

Written by Caelan

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