Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ropes & Bags

Today we had an amazing guest named Spencer come out from the YMCA who taught us lessons about teamwork and how important it is when working as a group on a project such as this. To learn these lessons we climbed up a VPG (vertical playground) that taught us encouragement, a high wire teeter-totter that we had to balance on with partners to teach us about cooperation and a low triangle wire which we had to walk along without falling off (while holding hands with a partner). We packed all our bags for the flight, as well as the bags of medical supplies and had an ambulance drive down for a big group picture with all of our gear. The Council Commissioner, Council Youth Commissioner, Council Executive Director, the Area Support Manager, the National Recognition Advisor, along with a representative of the Scouting International Committee came to wish us farewell on our journey and invest each individual into the Peru 2014 Brotherhood Contingent. It was great of them to speak of encouragement, getting us even more excited, as if that is even possible!

Written by Caelan and Andy

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  1. Hope you have a great adventure! Be smart and stay safe!