Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hard Work and History

Nearing the midway of the work part of this International Development Project we have hit a lull in the hard manual labour portion of the project with most of the major moving of rocks done and finding out that we won’t be physically building the classroom due to some Peruvian regulations. We did however learn some good information – we will be painting the classroom (and maybe a mural for the playground) and hopefully building some more shaded areas for the children in the yard – a project that we will be able to do unaided by anyone else. I’m sure that pictures of this project are to follow.

Although we don’t all enjoy picking up garbage and small rocks from the front of the school (I sure don’t!) the community has noticed with people who live and work far away from the school making comments to us such as the shopkeeper of an awesome antique/restoration/weird stuff store. Speaking of this store: we scored some awesome stuff here to bring back home. I know that I for one scored some mini army figurines, a leather bound bottle, some old skeleton keys and a painting.

After the work day today, we went to a archaeological dig site outside of Lima – the ruins of Pachacamac. Pachacamac is an active dig site with ruins from pre-Inca times to nearly Hispanic times (1500AD) when the Incans abandoned it. It was amazing to see and offers many great views of the ocean as well as of the ruins.

Overall, today was a pretty great day with part work and part play (due to the school closing in the early afternoon – I swear we weren’t lazy!) and it looks like the rest of our days this week are shaping up to be just as awesome.

Written by Tanner

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